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  Gankstaz Own Private Hive

After Much thought i have purchased us our own private Hive ! 30 slot server for now . 

Gankstaz Private Hive
Port: 2452
Query Port: 2452

War Chief Killaklaws

Day z Role Play -

Hi all

looking into the day z role play server which seems to be very similar to the factional combat one for lingor island will post up when i get news
Game News    
Day z - standalone out very soon :) Dean halls article on day z standalone


The initial focus will be to redevelop the existing mod as a standalone, rather than immediately adding new features. This will provide a near identical game to begin with, but will provide a solid foundation upon which to later expand. Rocket has described this philosophy as "small steps, big dreams."

The following are some of the features suggested by Rocket:

  • In-depth storyline
  • Crafting system
  • Underground construction
  • Destructable environment
  • New inventory management
  • Improved HUD
  • Improved audio and visual cues
  • Improved zombie AI/pathing
  • Zombie lifecycle
  • Improved security
  • Weapon and gear degradation
  • More accessible buildings

General Information

  • Target for release is by the end of the 2012 working year.
  • The release will be for the public alpha version, i.e. not the stable release.
  • The standalone will provide the dev team with absolute freedom, and they will utilize many aspects of the Real Virtuality engine, not limited to the ArmA 3 version. It will be their own branch of the engine.
  • Alpha will be heavily discounted, and the end product will never be a fully priced retail product. Rocket mentions that he can’t picture a price over 25 euro (30 USD) for the final.
  • No pre-ordering, but there will be a premium/collector’s edition available with swag like art prints and concept work.
  • The game mechanics will stay as they are now.
  • Focus will be on re-developing game architecture first, and then development of new features.
  • There will be no “endgame”, but rather continued gameplay decided by the individual player. Kind of like Minecraft before The End was introduced.

New features

  • A new map, “Chernarus Plus”.
  • Chernarus Plus will have more interactive (enter-able) buildings. Non-interactive buildings will be easier to spot.
  • Hand combat, in addition to the melee weapons we already have.
  • Dogs can be a survivor’s companion. “Expect them to track, to warn you of danger, and to follow you. And then get shot. And then you QQ.”
  • There will be no safe areas on the map.
  • A quiver for crossbow bolts.
  • Weapon and gear degradation.
  • A diary system, allowing other players to see notes left by you when you’re offline, not around, or dead.
  • A robust web interface, as previewed at Rezzed earlier this summer.
  • Narrative that will describe the virus background.

Improvements over the mod

  • More weapons. Many of which are custom, “find at home” style weaponry. Cricket bat, anyone?
  • Zombies will not switch to walking when indoors (once pathing for zombies is fixed and their lifecycle is implemented).
  • More clothing and player customization, including colors and face.
  • The humanity system will be fine tuned.
  • More robust weather system, redesigned from scratch.
  • Zombies will be much more frightening.
  • Improved broken limb system.
  • And entirely new hive syncing system.
  • Improved anti-cheat measures.
  • Improved player UI. The inventory is being reworked from scratch.
  • The female character will be feature complete.
  • Better performance, including faster loading.

Future plans

  • More islands other than Chernarus, created by either the dev team or the community. Players will travel to them by boat or air.
  • Increase max player count. 100-200 would be easily achievable, but any more would require a larger map.
  • More wildlife. “Horses would be cool too.”
  • Animations will be improved.
  • There are vague mentions of a revised server hosting scheme.
  • Add “methods that allow players to create their own systems for things, so if they wanted to create such a system they could”. So perhaps think about Garry’s Mod and how players can program in aspects that affect their own gameplay. Not sure on this one.
  • Underground “bases” and other construction, but Rocket mentions that it’s a pretty ambitious endeavor to develop.
  • Group play and faction support.

Current DayZ mod version

  • The current mod version of DayZ will continue to be updated, and will become more open.
  • Dogs will be coming to the mod (in the next update, v1.7.3) before the standalone.
  • The possibility of private hive servers.
  • Lingor Island may be coming to the mod.

    The war z is released on the 31 of october so far its still Very Very Buggy :( We shall see , i think Day z will prevail !

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Welcome To the Home of Gankstaz 
the Cut Throat Bandits Of War z & Day z

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Thekillaklaws, Oct 13, 12 3:06 PM.
Hi people Join up now we are needing members to defend our turf .

-All Players To Contribute Loot Mainly A Firearm and Some Ammo

- Non Gankstas members shot on sight

- Orders from War Lords to be followed or Else

- No stealing from Gankstas Members

- Defend Gankstas till the Bitter End

- We do accept Members 13+ but we expect them to behave responsibly or will be ejected from the clan.

-All Players Accept That Dieing Happens !

-No Bitching or Moaning About Orders We Are Bandits Act Like It.


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